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Tidbit Tuesday – Beans

I’m a little late, please forgive me. 

“Beans, beans, they’re good for your heart
The more you eat, the more you fart
The more you fart, the better you feel
So let’s have beans with every meal!”


This little poem makes a great point, beans are great for your heart!!!

When I started eating a cleaner diet, I had to make important decisions. Groceries are expensive and when half your cart is filled with fresh fruits and vegetables your bill increases. In order for me to continue to provide my family with clean food, and not double my grocery bill, I had to cut out other things. I decided to decrease the amount of meat we eat. Ground beef started creeping closer to $5 per pound, that’s when I decided we didn’t need it. I’m not a huge fan of it anyways. But in order to still provide my family with the burgers we all love I turned to beans. Black beans makes a mean burger. I combine mine with a homemade tomato sauce, bell peppers, onions, garlic, bread crumbs, a few spices and an egg. Top it with avocado slices and home grown tomatoes. And the hubby loves it.


Not only does this method save me money but it also saves my body.

  • Unlike meat based protein, beans are naturally low in fat, free of saturated and trans-fat, and are a cholesterol free source of protein.
  • Research shows a diet including beans may reduce your risk of heart disease.
  • Thanks to their high fiber and water content, beans help keep you feeling full and can help you shed excess weight.
  • Beans lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels instead of potentially causing them to increase, as some animal proteins have been proven to.
  • When paired with a whole grain such as whole wheat pasta or brown rice, they provide protein comparable to that of meat or diary foods.


How do you incorporate beans into your diet? How often do add beans to the menu?

For more inspiration check out my Pinterest board, all about beans.

Have a great Wednesday!!!




I have officially been accepted into the Coordinated Dietetics program at Rutgers!!!

Showing off my Rutgers car magnet. I am one proud student!!

If you have been with me for a few weeks and read this post, you know that I have been under a little stress about this school. I applied and was basically on a waiting list, with the option to take classes that will be applied to my degree once I was accepted into the program but no guarantee and I was responsible for 100% of the tuition because financial aid cannot be applied. I decided to start taking classes anyways because I did not want to be pushed back another year.

Let’s face it, at 30 I want to be finished with college before my boys start!!

So I came up with the $3200 and registered.

On Thursday I received the late acceptance letter with all the instructions to accept and submit the necessary paperwork. Now, that has been a hassle but a hassle I welcome.

This is fantastic news, thanks to everyone who kept me in your thoughts and prayers. Continue with those prayers as I begin this semester and then flu season begins at work. This will be one interesting four months. But I’m up for the challenge.




Kids Say the Funniest Things

This is extremely personal, but isn’t that why I started this blog.

So here goes…

Tonight I attended a Diabetes Education class, as a special speaker. (We discussed billing Medicare for testing supplies and how to navigate from mail order to the newly approved mail order facilities or a retail pharmacy)

I spent all weekend preparing for back to school and working on this weeks menus. So laundry was the last thing on my mind.

As I was preparing to dress for tonight’s class, I realized I could not find any clean underwear. I must have been talking extremely loud while I was digging through the dryer because Master A said, “Mama, you can wear one of my diapers!”

Master A being his silly self

Master A being his silly self

Thankfully I found a clean pair in the dryer and didn’t stand in front of a roomful of seniors wearing a diaper.


Ratatouille Family Night

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Wow, what a week it has been. Our last week of the summer vacation has flew past us. It was full of lots of quick meals and trying to get lots of things done in a short time.

We came home Friday to a broken light on Venus’ aquarium. We had to make a quick trip to the pet store for a replacement. Learned that our little reptile baby loves to splash and her splashing caused the light to break. A splashless light was in order and she was basking beautifully soon after.


Due to the impromptu trip to the pet store, Friday night’s dinner consisted of homemade sausage pizza with pretzel chips and a carrot and cheese dip, topped with sunflower seed kernels. View the pictures →

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Divine Dinner

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“Divine Dinners” is the name on one of my favorite Pinterest boards. I pin recipes for hearty meals on this board and I would be crazy if I didn’t include the meal I prepared tonight.

This all started with me running out to the garden after work and noticing all the green beans ready for picking.

Plant pre-greenbeans

Plant pre-greenbeans with a little Piper in the background 

After picking a bucket full I decided I had the perfect meal in mind to get the entire family involved.

Prince P washed and snapped the beans.

Master A was our entertainment, as always.

I mixed up the ground pork and all the add ins for pizza meatloaf and readied it for muffin tins.  I used a variations of this meatloaf recipe.  I tossed the red potatoes in the microwave for three minutes.

My hubby needed to do something with okra fresh from his mother’s garden and he got a little help to prepare a gallon freezer bag.

I quartered the potatoes and added them to a skillet with the beans, a little chicken stock and a few herbs and covered

Let this cook on medium for twenty minutes until it looked like this

This side paired well with the meatloaf. I am a big fan of pairing pizza with pepperoncini peppers so these pizza meatloaf muffins were no different.

Remember to fill half your plate with fruits and veggies.

Have a great night!!

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Tuesday Tidbit – Smokin’ Hot

I confess, I don’t turn my head when faced with an attractive man. I totally believe in the saying, “Look but don’t touch.” But I have to admit, I’ve never said, “Look at that hottie, the one smoking the cigarette!!!”

There is nothing HOT about someone puffing away, in your face. Quite  frankly, I find it to be a disgusting habit. And I do recognize it to be an addiction but I believe quitting should be top priority if you desire to live a healthy lifestyle.

smoking is addictive

Most people associate smoking tobacco with breathing problems and lung cancer. While this is a major issue, I would like to point out the negative affect smoking has on your heart. Smoking damages the function of your heart and the structure and function of your blood vessels. It causes reduced circulation by narrowing the arteries and puts smokers at risk of developing peripheral vascular disease (PVD). This is the cause of nearly one in every five deaths in the US every year. In fact, smoking is the number 1 cause of preventable disease and death. Let that sink in for a moment… Continue reading

Clean Eating

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It’s what’s for dinner, in pictures:

This salad was full of flavor, but next time I will cut down on the amount of red onion. I indulged in this recipe twice this week. It also saved nicely for lunch the next day.

Pork Roast

Pork Roast

Pork roast in the crockpot with cream of mushroom soup, vegetable broth, parsley, salt and pepper. Cooked on low for 6 hours. Served with smashed red potatoes, buffalo cauliflower, carrots and celery.


Terrible picture, but frankly these were so good I almost forgot to picture one. I used a homemade pasta sauce I made and canned a few weeks ago with tomatoes from my mother in laws garden. I was afraid the hubby would not try these shells because of the spinach but he went back for seconds!!

Tuna on pita with giardiniera

Tuna on pita with giardiniera

I cannot explain how absolutely delicious this blend of marinated vegetables are. I paired it with a mixture of tuna, celery, a little mayo & mustard and pickles in a pita. I have seriously downed an entire jar of the veggies this week. It’s a good thing I made three jars. Another batch will be made this weekend!!

Tomorrow as this week ends I plan to make mini lasagna cups. Stayed tuned to see how that turns out.

Have a great night.


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