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Where does your food come from?

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I work in a retail pharmacy. It’s not my ideal job, I’d rather be working out in the community, but it pays the bills and offers benefits. It will do for now. This month we are having a school drive to collect supplies for “local” schools. This is a wonderful idea and I support helping children in my community 100% but I had to ask what their definition of local was. No one could answer me.

This got me thinking about the local food movement. 

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of hearing Cassie Parsons, owner and chef at Harvest Moon Grille, speak at the annual Charlotte Dietetic Association meeting. And her big message was knowing where your food comes from. She pointed out that the food industry does not tell us what is in our food. “It’s criminal to not know where your food is coming from.” Cassie’s goal is to get more sustainable food on the streets of Charlotte. 100% of her restaurant’s food is sourced within 100 miles of Charlotte.

If you want to make changes toward better health, choosing local foods that are not pumped full of pesticides and antibiotics is where to turn. Support local farms and local ranches and know where your food is from.

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Author: Ashley

A country girl spending her life in her garden and kitchen with her husband and two beautiful boys

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