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Quick Saturday Night Dinner


Eating out is not in our budget but boy it would be so much easier. Instead I try to plan ahead and anticipate a lazy evening. Earlier today I made a pasta salad very similar to the pasta I use in the Ranch Chicken Mason Jar Salads. I threw it in the refrigerator and headed to a game tournament at GameSwap with my boys.



My husband and my oldest competed. My husband played in the final match but fell short.



While my little one played an arcade game. I watched. They had fun and so I enjoyed myself too.

Tonight was a fast and simple dinner. I pulled the pasta salad from the fridge, added fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from my garden. And threw together a fresh pizza.



I made a thin crust sausage and red pepper pizza and a plain sausage and cheese for my boys. The kids gobbled theirs up and I enjoyed mine too.

I’m trying to find low calorie drinks to replace my soda habit. I love water and drink plenty of it but I would like something with flavor. Any suggestions?

Have a wonder night, I’m off to catch a movie with the hubby.

Author: Ashley

A country girl spending her life in her garden and kitchen with her husband and two beautiful boys

3 thoughts on “Quick Saturday Night Dinner

  1. What if you keep a jug of decaf/or caff. unsweet tea? You could also go the crystal light route.

    • The tea is a great idea. I make sweet tea for my husband occasionally, but I rarely drink it myself. I like Crystal Light and I’ve got a ton of it at home. I’ve tried to cut out Diet sodas because of all the research I’ve read about the ingredients and Crystal Light contains some of the same, so I’ve not been drinking much of it. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Ok, Stacey you got me motivated. I filled a gallon jug with unsweet caffeinated tea and popped it in the fridge and I also filled a to go cup with my favorite green tea and thought I would try it cold tomorrow. Thanks for the advice.

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