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Ratatouille Family Night

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Wow, what a week it has been. Our last week of the summer vacation has flew past us. It was full of lots of quick meals and trying to get lots of things done in a short time.

We came home Friday to a broken light on Venus’ aquarium. We had to make a quick trip to the pet store for a replacement. Learned that our little reptile baby loves to splash and her splashing caused the light to break. A splashless light was in order and she was basking beautifully soon after.


Due to the impromptu trip to the pet store, Friday night’s dinner consisted of homemade sausage pizza with pretzel chips and a carrot and cheese dip, topped with sunflower seed kernels.

Prince P's plate

Prince P’s plate

Saturday, we hosted a yard sale. We’ve been planning this for months but due to the rainy weather it continually got pushed back. We were pretty successful and actually managed to come out with a new (to us) bed for Master A.

He couldn’t wait for us to wash the sheet and make the bed

Prince P and I enjoyed a baseball game Saturday night.

Popcorn, banging sticks and his glove. I'd say his hands were full

Popcorn, banging sticks and his glove. I’d say his hands were full

We greatly enjoyed ourselves. The entertainment was knee slapping!! This is Tim Tebull challenging some of the players to a dance off.

The boys gettin' down

The boys gettin’ down

We continued the fun today with lots of this..

My boys had a ball and got a little dirty in the process

And this…

Finally, the day ended with a little Pixar inspired meal.

Master A has been obsessed with this little rat. Ratatouille has been playing in our home most of the week and a few days ago I promised both boys I would attempt to make the French dish made in this film. Knowing that it takes two to three hours to make, I waited until today to attempt it. There are hundreds of recipes on the web and after reading about thirty of them, I decided to wing it and hope for the best.

My sauce was pretty simple. I used what I had on hand. Oil in pot; three garlic cloves, minced; onion, chopped over medium heat. Gave that a little to get fragrant. Added tomatoes and a few spices including a bay leaf and let simmer.

I used my food processor to slice the squash and zucchini while I hand sliced my tomatoes. Although all the recipes I read called for Roma tomatoes, I used these

Because they were on sale, and I’m a girl on a budget.

Once all were sliced I removed the bay leaf and spooned some of the sauce on the bottom of a glass dish. Then placed squash, zucchini and tomatoes, alternating in dish until it looked like this.

Covered and placed in oven, on 275 F, for 2 hours.

Meanwhile, with leftover zucchini and squash, I made chips.

They were a huge hit. Master A was excited about these, even though he didn’t want to try the Ratatouille. Come to find out, he thought we were eating a rat. He associates “Ratatouille” with the rat in the movie, actually named Remy. I can understand how a three year old would get confused. But he enjoyed the “chips”

He nearly ate the entire batch.

076Finally, after much anticipation the ratatouille was finished.

Right out of the oven

A little more of the sauce, drizzled on top. This sauce turned out to be a little spicy and absolutely delicious.

I served it atop spaghetti to be a little more appeasing to my little ones eyes.

It worked, he loved it. Couldn’t stop talking about it. Even though he knows we do not allow TV watching during dinner, he asked to watch Ratatouille while eating our kid approved ratatouille.

Now, he is tucked in tight, awaiting morning and his first day of first grade. I’m hoping he’ll have lots to tell his friends about his summer, even though we didn’t take any vacations away from home. At least I know, he can share his evening of eating a French dish from one of his favorite animated movie.

Next week I’ll include pictures of Prince P’s lunches. I’ll also do another review. And I’ll update you on my adventures in higher education.

Good night everyone.

Author: Ashley

A country girl spending her life in her garden and kitchen with her husband and two beautiful boys

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