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RunKeeper – A Review

I promised you guys a review this week and even though I have been MIA and I’ve had a rough week, I was determined to get this written. And for good reason, I think you’ll get something out of this.

I am not a runner, by any means. But occasionally I enjoy running (or attempting to) and it clears my mind to run outdoors. The weather this evening was terrible for any outdoors activities after work, so we decided to burn calories with a little living room dance party.

dancing boys

But if I would have went to the park for a jog or walk, I would have used RunKeeper to track of my distance, time, and pace. I also like to compare my workouts and this app allows me to do that. It keeps track of my fastest average pace, most calories burned, farthest distance, longest duration and biggest elevation climbed. I get motivated by seeing how close I am to setting a new goal.


I can also make notes about my workout. Whether it be obstacles I faced along the way or notes to keep in mind for my next time out, I can type the note into the workout.

The app also lets you take a picture. This workout I chose to give my friends a view from my track but sometimes I take a picture of myself after a long, hard workout.

The view from the track

The view from the track at my park 

This app was recommended by a friend who is a runner. My brother also uses it when he’s running for fun. (He’s in the army, so he also occasionally runs for a paycheck 🙂 ) I’m able to connect with my friends who also use this app and see their activities. Again, this is good because I’m motivated by numbers.

RunKeeper’s Description:

“Join the more than 20 million people who are using RunKeeper to turn their phone into a personal trainer in their pocket! Track your runs, walks, bike rides, hikes, and more using the GPS in you iPhone. See detailed stats around your pace, distance, and time. Get stats, progress, and coaching through your headphones with built-in audio cues.”

Overall, this app delivers everything it says it will. It works perfectly for me. I’m not a long distance runner but I would imagine the GPS would drain your battery on a long run.

Have you tried this app, what do you think? What workout apps do you use? What motivates you to work harder?

Stay tuned for my most recent lipid panel and a talk about cholesterol. Have a safe holiday!!


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The 7 Minute Workout – A Review


This iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch compatible app is listed in the popular health and fitness apps in my App Store. I downloaded this app a few weeks ago for those days when I only have a short window to fit in a fitness routine. This 7 minute workout works all the major muscle groups with only a wall, a chair and your own body.

Offers 13 thirty second exercises with clear screen graphics

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