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Tidbit Tuesday – When the Weather is Cold, is your Diabetes Controlled?

I’ve been working on a few ideas for a diabetes fair and I thought I would share this information with you. This is for diabetics and anyone who knows someone who is diabetic.

A Minor Illness Can Result in a Major Rise in Blood Glucose Levels

Be prepared. As a person with diabetes, you know how important it is to take good care of yourself. Although we all hope to stay healthy year-round, there are always times when you do not feel well. During the winter and early spring many people catch a variety of illnesses such as colds, sore throats, and the flu.

sickIllness puts your body under extra stress. To help you fight an illness, your body releases hormones that cause your liver to release glucose (sugar), and interfere with the action of insulin. This can make your blood sugar rise, sometimes to dangerously high levels. High blood glucose makes your body’s immune system less effective at fighting germs and makes you feel sicker than you would with normal blood glucose.

Avoid a risky situation. Some simple planning can help you keep your blood sugar in control during times of illness so your body can recover quickly. Make a sick day plan and discuss it with your doctor before you become ill. Your plan should include a box of all the supplies and materials you will need to manage your diabetes during illness.  Continue reading



Kids Say the Funniest Things

This is extremely personal, but isn’t that why I started this blog.

So here goes…

Tonight I attended a Diabetes Education class, as a special speaker. (We discussed billing Medicare for testing supplies and how to navigate from mail order to the newly approved mail order facilities or a retail pharmacy)

I spent all weekend preparing for back to school and working on this weeks menus. So laundry was the last thing on my mind.

As I was preparing to dress for tonight’s class, I realized I could not find any clean underwear. I must have been talking extremely loud while I was digging through the dryer because Master A said, “Mama, you can wear one of my diapers!”

Master A being his silly self

Master A being his silly self

Thankfully I found a clean pair in the dryer and didn’t stand in front of a roomful of seniors wearing a diaper.