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Tidbit Tuesday – More about B vitamins

Yes, this school work is kicking my tail but I am determined not to let you guys down. Thanks for bearing with me.

This week a lot of research has been put into B vitamins. Mostly Biotin, Pantothenic acid, Folate & B 12.

One of our discussions asked, “Does biotin and pantothenic acid really improve your hair texture and preserve its color?”

I thought this would also be a good topic for us to discuss. Do any of you take these supplements? Hair, skin and nails supplement?










Biotin & Pantothenic acid are B vitamins essential for growth. They support energy metabolism by helping breakdown and use food.

During my research search.  I found very little scientific data supporting the use of either. Deficiency in these vitamins is very rare. These supplements would not prove beneficial unless deficiency is present and biotin deficiency is linked to incomplete parenteral nutrition and nursing infants whose mother is deficient in the vitamin. This deficiency, although rare, results in skin rashes and hair loss.

So, bottom line, continue to eat a varied, nutritious diet and do not waste your money on these products as they likely doing nothing more than the food you eat. Healthy nails and hair comes from plant based foods, eggs, salmon, sweet potatoes, liver

Biotin food sources

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Tidbit Tuesday – B vitamins

This was this weeks threaded discussion in Vitamin & Mineral Metabolism:

The B-vitamins are considered energy vitamins by many. In fact, marketers refer to energy when these vitamins are included in products. Discuss the legitimacy of referring to these vitamins as the energy vitamins. If you agree with this term, give evidence for the claim. If not, give good reason why this claim should not be used.


My post focused on the fact that b vitamins do not supply energy.


Carbohydrate, fat and protein supply the fuel for energy.


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